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Bryan Benners



Dymond Eye Productions Inc

Welcome! I’m Bryan Benners mka Synn, I am a music producer, engineer, songwriter at Dymond Eye Productions Inc. I have had this passion for music ever since hearing Run DMC and seeing the movie Krush Groove. Infatuated by the music, lyrics and beats, I knew this was something that I wanted to be involved in. 


Having an exceptional ear for music especially hip hop and after a few years as a recording artist I decided to start my own music production company, Dymond Eye Productions Inc. Investing in my future, I built a home studio and began honing my skills as an engineer and producer by recording various local artist. I have a Professional Certificate in Music Production(Pro Tools) from Berkelee College of Music and obtained my BS in Music Production.


I will continue this music saga with a conscious mind.  Music with a substance, trendy and innovative while still maintaining social and personal moral integrity. 


"Create and Be Creative...Never strive to follow the last to do it, be the first to do it."_Bryan Benners_Synn DaCEO