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Music Production

Production as we like to define it is the art of putting sounds and music together to create a masterpiece. It takes a creative mind, an understand ear and an in depth knowledge of music to be able to create something new, fresh, wonderful and above all excellent.  Whether it’s scoring your film, video or advertisement, or just working with you on your own composition, we have your covered.  And if your too far for us to connect at the studio we can arrange video chat sessions.  Also inquire about our mobile production services. 



There quite a few songwriters out there who have great lyrics and ideas for melody but who cannot play an instrument or sing. For these people, a collaboration with a songwriting is a must. At Dymond Eye Productions we can take on the role of producer and we will help you with:

  • Structure and arrange your instrumentation and song ideas

  • Perform guitar, bass, drums and keyboard programming

  • Help to devise sounds and textures for your songs

  • Provide any songwriting help you need


Mixing & Mastering

Once your tracks are recorded (and edited, if necessary), the real fun begins for us. Getting just the right balance is sometimes as simple as “set it and forget it”, but our fully automated control surface gives you TOTAL control over every element down to the smallest details. You want to add some low end to bass, but only for the intro and ending of the song? No problem. You can’t hear all the instruments and the whole song  just lacks that vibrance that you hear on your favorite albums? No problem.  We can apply echo, reverb, eq, dynamic compression and/or expansion in just the right amount to make your song come to life. These are tools, which, in the hands of less experienced mix engineers, can ruin a perfectly fine recording. But you’re safe with us.

Mastering is the last step in the production of your music. We’ll take the mixes, done here at Dymond Eye Productions Inc. or elsewhere, and shape them into the best possible final master for duplication. When we master a project it comes out loud but not “squashed”—we hold dynamic range in the highest regard! We’ll give you a master that sounds great in your car, at home, on the radio, or on your old boombox… even on your AirPods!


Sound Design-Interactive Audio

Sound design is the glue that holds the user’s sonic experience together. We  can create realistic environments and otherworldy creatures, happy fantasy sounds and dark places. Whether you need a few stock sounds to sweeten a project, or some field recording  to capture source audio, we’ll paint your perfect audio picture.

Example 1: Bumper











Example 2: Fight Music Battle Mix






Voice Over Recording

  1. Even though we do most of our learning visually, we have a lower tolerance for poor audio quality than we do poor video quality

  2. A professional-sounding voice audio will add credibility to your video and content

However, if the time or budget does not allow for a professional voice artist, don’t worry. It’s possible to record a good voiceover without a professional actor or expensive equipment.

Before you start messing with voice over recording equipment yourself, or entrusting your image to just anyone, call Dymond Eye Productions now for your professional recording project. We’re happy to give you our knowledge, suggestions and guidance.

Contact for Project Pricing. Let’s discuss your next project.  No Project is TOO BIG or too small! 

Fight Music Battle Mix - Bryan Benners
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